Sport Sundays

Starting on 1 october 2023 SportF3 will offer Sport Sundays at sport hall de Limiet in Zoetermeer. The session is 1 hour and starts at 11:00.

Sport Sundays activities include;

Sport playground (Sportspeeltuin) 4-8jr

  • Kids get to experience a broad range of movement patterns through playing. Climbing, running, skipping, pushing, pulling, crawling. Learning these movements is fun and also helps kids later on to more quickly learn other sports which increases the chance they will stay physically active for the rest of their lives.

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Learn&Play 16jr+

  • Whilst the kids are playing so can the parents too! Get some technical tips from our coaches, train a little then play some social matches. We offer volleyball, basketball and badminton amongst other sports. Its about fun and fitness, not winning!

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